Clear pathways to inclusion and diversity

Our Vision, Mission & Story

Shine is dedicated to creating truly integrated and inviting environments through the tools of experiential education, training, consulting, coaching, and empowerment.  Shine gives corporations, tech companies, health care providers, places of faith, schools, and summer camps the resources and knowledge needed to benefit from hiring and welcoming people of all genders, races, and backgrounds. Shine has a unique platform of accountability and positivity rather than shame or guilt. We expertly guide people through learning new vocabulary, practices, and skills vastly improving work culture. We aim to increase human potential, inspire liberation, and give everyone the ability to shine.

Shine was founded by Ariel Vegosen who brings over 18 years of experience as an educator and facilitator in the field of diversity, inclusion, gender, and team building. Ariel launched this business because of their identity as a gender-queer person and to serve the need of ending gender and racial based violence and harassment while offering people the opportunity to explore their full human potential.